At Hulah, we have created a platform for all of our users to have the best chance to find in-person chemistry. We want to be the number one reason that online dating results in more meaningful relationships. Instead of spending endless time chatting and going on disappointing dates, spend 5 minutes or less on Hulah and find out if you have chemistry. Created by today's users for today's users, Hulah is making online dating more realistic than ever. Hulah, Like, Match, Video Date, then Chat or Meet if you have chemistry!

  1. We make Face-to-face video dates FUN.
  2. We are the BEST platform to see if there is chemistry before you meet.
  3. We help solve unsafe interaction, catfishing, endless texting and awkward first meetings.

After your first Hulah, you’ll be saying, “This is the Greatest dating app Of All Time!"

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